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What   is   Veganism ?      Well,   it’s   certainly   more   than   simply   adjusting   the   diet   to   exclude   all,   and   I   do   mean   all,   animal products.  It requires adopting a whole lifestyle based upon the non-exploitation of sentient beings, including Humankind. A   Vegan   diet   is   based   purely   on   vegetable   matter   -   this   covers   all   fruit,   vegetables,   nuts,   pulses,   grains,   etc.      I   became   a Vegan   in   the   early   1980s,   mostly   for   ethical   reasons   -   the   ‘health’   aspect   was   just   a   bonus   -   and   I   soon   discovered   that   for each   animal   based   food   I’d   given   up,   there   was   a   vegetable   based   substitute   -   tasty,   wholesome   food   that   is   undoubtedly healthier   for   the   individual   and   better   for   the   environment.      The   same   principles   apply   to   clothing   -   no   wool,   silk,   leather, etc.,   and   again,   plenty   of   non-animal   alternatives   to   keep   the   wardrobe   bulging.      I’m   not   going   to   ‘preach’,   so   below   is   a   list of   websites   that   may   be   of   interest   that   you   can   visit   to   find   out,   and   be   aware   of,   what’s   going   on   -   just   click      on   the   names and   follow   the   links.      It’s   not   a   definitive   list,   but   it’s   a   start   and   I’ll   add   others   when   I   can.      Some   of   the   sites   have   access   to on-line   petitions   regarding   a   number   of   campaigns   -   if   you   agree   with   them   then   by   all   means   add   your   signature   -   it’s   up   to you. I   was   told,   some   time   ago,   that   the   real   ‘original   sin’   was   continuing   to   do   something   once   you   were   aware   that   it   was wrong ... Pete
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