Promise (aka: Felius Andromeda) 1969 - photographer unknown
Promise (aka: Felius Andromeda) 1969 … Just For You
Back L to R: Peter York (Guitar); Pete Hicks (Vocals); Alan Morgan (Bass) Front L to R: Stephen Barlow-Lawson (Drums); Steve Webber (Keyboards)
South East Blues Band 1967 … Woke Up This Mornin’
South-East Blues Band c:1967 (unknown photographer) South-East Blues Band Poster (artwork: Alan Salter)
The DOWN & OUTS 1965 … Bring Me Back to Reality
Mick Robinson (bass), Alan Fuller (keyboards), Alan Johnson (Vocals), Geoff Bassett (drums), Pete Hicks (vocals), Clive Brown (guitar)
Back (left to right): Tim Harris (Harmonica) Pete Hicks (Vocals) Chris Tattersall (Drums) Graham Arondelle (Bass) Front: Alan Salter (Guitar)
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